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Acronyms used at LSU
Below is a list of common acronyms affiliated with LSU and used on campus.  It is very likely you will come across these acronyms in the Accounting Services newsletter or in training classes.  

Departments & Organizations


Accounts Payable & Travel


Accounting Services


Board of Regents


Department of Energy


Financial Accounting & Reporting


Federal Bureau of Investigation


LSU Foundation


Federal Emergency Management Agency


National Institutes of Health


National Science Foundation


Office of Research and Economic Development


Office of Sponsored Programs






Sponsored Program Accounting


Social Security Administration


Tiger Athletic Foundation


University Auxiliary Services


United States Department of Agriculture

Common Terms & Documents
AMAF   Award & Award Modification Approval Form
BA Budget Adjustment
BF Batch Feed
CBA Central Billed Account
CJ Compound Journal Voucher
CR Cost Reimbursable
CS Cash Journal Voucher
CSAP Chancellor Student Aid Program
CWSP College Work Study Program
DJ Departmental Journal Voucher
DT Departmental Transmittal
EI Encumbered Internal Transaction
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
F&A Facilities & Administrative Costs
FASOP Finance and Administrative Services Operating Procedure
FB Fringe Benefits
FP Fixed Price
GA Graduate Assistant
GL General Ledger
GLS General Ledger System
IPARF Internal Prior Approval Request Form
IT Internal Transaction
ITB Invitation to Bid
ITIN Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
JV Journal Voucher
LSUID LSU’s Identification Number (replaces SSN in LSU’s computer systems)
MC LaCarte entry (similar to CS, DT, IT, JV)
NCE No Cost Extension
PAF Personnel Action Form
PAR Personnel Activity Report
PAWS Personal Access Web Service
PI Principal Investigator
PM Permanent Memorandum
PO Purchase Order
PO ALT Purchase Order Alteration
PPCS Personal, Professional & Consulting Services
PRAF  Proposal Routing & Approval Form
PS   Policy Statement
RAPS Released to AP status
RFP  Request for Proposal
RGE Record of Grant Establishment
SJ Simple Journal Voucher
SSN Social Security Number
STO Short’s Travel Online
TERR Travel Expense Reimbursement Request

Financial Systems
ABS Advanced Billing System
APS Accounts Payable System
BGT Budget System
COA Chart of Accounts
DIR Directory
ETA Employee Time & Attendance
FMS Imaging
GLS General Ledger System
HRS Human Resources System
INS Insurance
IPM  Investment Portfolio Management 
LVT Leave Tracking
PAR Personnel Activity Reporting
PAY Pay Control System
PCARD Procurement Card System
PRO Procurement System
RCN Bank Reconciliation System
SAE Student Award Entry
SPS Sponsored Program System
SWC Workers’ Compensation
TIS  Treasurer Information System
USM University Stores Management

AS Forms
The following link http://www.fas.lsu.edu/acctservices/as_forms.html has a complete listing of all current AS forms used within Accounting Services.  These forms are in a user-friendly fillable .pdf format.  Please contact Danita King at dcking@lsu.edu or Maria Cazes at mcazes@lsu.edu with any issues accessing or using these forms.


Business Managers' Meeting
Meetings are generally held on the second Tuesday of the month in the LSU Union, Atchafalaya Room from 9:30 am to 11:00 am.  To be added to the Business Managers Mailing List, submit an idea for a future topic, or submit specific questions on topics announced for future meetings, please contact Maria Cazes at mcazes@lsu.edu.  Information on prior meetings can be found at http://www.fas.lsu.edu/AcctServices/business%20manager%20mtgs.html.


When picking up and signing for a check from Accounting Services, the individual must have a picture ID.  Contact Desiree Esnault at desnault@lsu.edu with any questions.

Any complaints should be sent to Donna Torres or Maria Cazes.


Distribution/Front Desk personnel are responsible for printing and distributing checks, ledgers and other reports.  Additionally, this section is responsible for the sorting and distribution of all incoming and outgoing mail of Accounting Services.


Fax Numbers for Accounting Services


Current Fax #

Revised Fax #




AP & Travel


No change

Bursar Ops


No change

Bursar Ops –Perkins Loan








No change




Front Desk Numbers in Accounting Services
Accounting Services (Main) (225) 578-3321
AP & Travel (225) 578-1550
Bursar Operations (225) 578-3357
Bursar Operations –Perkins Loan (225) 578-3357
Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR) (225) 578-3321
Payroll        (225) 578-3321
Sponsored Program Accounting (SPA) (225) 578-5337


The core hours of Accounting Services are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  The main number of the front desk for Accounting Services is (225) 578-3321.


Imaging manages all document imaging activities related to responsibility for the physical maintenance and custody of University financial documents in accordance with approved record retention schedules.  Imaging activities include the organizing, indexing, processing, reproduction, filing, retrieving, distribution, imaging, preservation and disposal of documents and records.

Imaging Tips
Various documents that route to Accounting Services, Purchasing and HRM are scanned by the Imaging section of Accounting Services to be stored as official University documents.  Since these documents are oftentimes retrieved by Accounting Services personnel and/or auditors, it is extremely important that the documents are legible.  The workflow involved in imaging documents is a very tedious and time consuming process.  In an effort to keep the workflow steady and avoid having to manually edit images, please keep in mind the following tips:

  • Use white paper.
  • Tape receipts to 8 ½ x 11 paper.  The tape should not cover the amounts on the itemized receipts since it tends to fade the ink which may make it harder to read once the document is imaged.  Do not staple the receipts to the 8 ½ x 11 white sheet of paper. 
  • Use fluorescent yellow highlighter.  Other highlighters such as pink, blue, purple, etc. cause the information to be “blacked out” when imaged which causes Imaging personnel to manual adjust each individual page.
  • Use blue or black ink when writing on documents.  Avoid using red or other colored ink pens.
  • Ensure that the document you are sending to be processed is legible.  If an original is already difficult to read, the imaged version will be even harder.  Signatures should be legible.
  • Ensure that copiers and desktop printers have dark ink/toner. 
  • Replace ribbon on adding machines as soon as it becomes light.
  • Send originals when available (no carbon copies).

Only send pages that are relevant to the document being processed.  For example, if an e-mail is used as back-up and only a phone number or a graphic is printed on the second page, the second page serves no relevant purpose and should not be scanned.


Oftentimes packages are mistakenly sent to 204 Thomas Boyd Hall since this is the official address of the LaCarte card.  This causes catalogs and brochures to be sent to Accounting Services.  The amount has become excessive.  This type of “junk mail” is not forwarded to individual departments on campus.  If a department has a need to view brochures and catalogs from specific vendors, please contact that vendor to update the mailing address.  Contact Desiree Esnault at desnault@lsu.edu with any questions.


The Accounting Services newsletter is available electronically only. The .pdf version is e-mailed by Danita King monthly once the newsletter is available. In addition, the online version is posted to the Accounting Services home page by the 5th of each month – click “Newsletter”. Newsletters for the prior year can be found at http://www.fas.lsu.edu/acctservices/archive.html. To be added to the Newsletter Mailing List, contact Danita King at dcking@lsu.edu.


Reporting Tools Troubleshooting
See Maria


Accounting Services has an industrial-sized shredder located on the 4th floor of Thomas Boyd Hall that departments can reserve. To reserve the shredder, please send an e-mail to imaging@lsu.edu. The e-mail should include the day and time of your requested appointment. In an effort to allow all departments across campus to utilize the shredder and maintain the work flow internal to our office, we have limited the use to 2-hour increments. Appointments can be made for 8:00 to 10:00 am, 10:00 to 12:00 pm and 1:00 to 3:00 pm. If a department is more than 15 minutes late, the appointment may be rescheduled. If a department has a project that includes a large amount of paper to be shredded and a timeline to abide by, we will do our best to accommodate. Any departments using the shredder will be trained on how to safely operate the shredder, clean the general area, and proper disposal of the bags of shredded paper. Note that the shredded bags of paper must be transported to the dumpster outside T Boyd & Middleton Library and can be fairly heavy when being moved. Also, due to budget constraints, departments with a large amount of shredding may be required to purchase and replenish shredder bags and oil. Note: this equipment does not dispose of microfilm or microfiche - it is intended for paper only.

Special Accommodations for Training Courses
Please be reminded that employees should communicate the need for special accommodations in training during the registration process via myLSU. When registering for classes through myLSU, please note any special needs or accommodations on the 'Profile' page, which is the first page that appears after clicking on "HRM Training Programs." Additionally, each of the instructors in any training offered by Accounting Services can arrange one-on-one instruction of their topics to accommodate such requests.

Staff (Admin)
Administration consists of all Distribution/Front Desk and Imaging personnel.
Maria Cazes
Business Manager/HR Contact
Danita King
Administration/HR Contact
Brenda Wright
Distribution/Front Desk Supervisor
Desiree Esnault
Distribution/Front Desk
Shondriel Myles
Imaging Supervisor
Regayna Rester

Student Worker Application
Accounting Services employs student workers to assist with clerical duties in each of the divisions.  To apply, complete an AS552 and submit it to Danita King or Maria Cazes.


Tax Exempt Certificates for 501©(3)
A copy of the tax exempt certificate for 501c3 status can be found at

Tax Exempt Certificates for Resale
All questions regarding resale certificates should be directed to Mary Stallworth in the Procurement Office.

Tax Exempt Certificates for Sales Tax
All requests for a sales tax exempt certificate should be forwarded to Deana Clement-Delage at dcleme2@lsu.edu.

Training Courses
Accounting Services hosts training courses almost on a monthly basis.  See the training link on the HRM website for more information.  Employees can register via their myLSU accounts.

Travel Expense Reimbursement Requests
See front desk for a supply.


Vacant Positions in Accounting Services

Vendor Applications

When LSU does business with an organization, the University (department) must enroll or register in that organization’s vendor database.  This will oftentimes be referred to as the vendor application or enrollment process.  During the registration process, various documents may be requested by the vendor such as a vendor application referenced above.  It is the responsibility of the department to initiate the vendor application process by completing as much information as possible on the vendor application or enrollment form.  This form will vary by vendor and will ask for specific information pertaining to the department, contact information, goods/services, etc.  Note:  it is common for a W-9 to be requested during this process.  Upon completion, forms should be forwarded to Maria Cazes at mcazes@lsu.edu.  The proper signature will be obtained and the documents will be returned to the requesting department or submitted directly to the vendor.


W-9 Requests
All requests for a W-9 should be forwarded to Brenda Wright at bwrigh4@lsu.edu or Desiree Esnault at desnault@lsu.edu. This document must be signed by Associate Vice Chancellor Donna Torres on behalf of the university. The W-9 will be sent directly to the vendor from Accounting Services with a copy sent to the requesting department.


Useful Links



Deans, Directors and Department Heads Memos

Foundation Forms

Monthly Business Managers' Meeting

Notary Services


FY15 Expenditure Freeze Information

Ebola Information

Office of Accounting Services
204 Thomas Boyd Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Phone: (225) 578-3321
Fax: (225) 578-7217


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