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Purchasing Policies & Procedures
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Business Systems


  • Official LSU Business System items must be ordered from the Louisiana Office of State Printing. This includes business cards, LSU letterhead, envelopes, memo pads, and note cards. To do so:
    • Complete LSU Business Systems Print order form accessible from http://lsu.edu/printingform and save to desktop as a PDF document.
    • Click here to obtain a price list from State Printing, and save to desktop as a PDF document.
    • Complete requisition in PRO with the following standard information:
      • On Header Screen, Requisition Type is "OMR"
      • On Header Screen, Buyer is Rose Bourg
      • On Vendor Screen, Vendor Number is 3648. Location is 25.
      • On Item Screen, add each item to be ordered as individual line items (Item description to read: type of item being ordered per attached order form. Example: Business cards - Per attached order form).

        Use Commodity code(s):
        96607 for Business Cards
        96628 for Memo Pads and Note Cards
        96631 for Envelopes
        96651 for Letterhead
        96686 for Mailing Labels

      • On Accounting Screen, Object Code is 4100
      • On Attach Screen, attach the LSU Business Systems Print Order Form(s) and State Printing price list.
    • Release the requisition to Purchasing following departmental approval.
    • Purchasing will review and issue the Purchase Order to the La Office of State Printing.

*Note: Requisition can be copied for future orders with applicable changes.


All business systems, regardless of the source of funds, must be printed in conformity with standards established by the LSU Office of Communications & University Relations.

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