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Purchasing Policies & Procedures
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Prohibited Contractual Arrangements

Per LA R.S. 42§1113

A. No public servant, excluding any legislator and any appointed member of any board or commission and any member of a governing authority of a parish with a population of ten thousand or less, or member of such a public servant's immediate family, or legal entity in which he has a controlling interest shall bid on or enter into any contract, subcontract, or other transaction that is under the supervision or jurisdiction of the agency of such public servant.

Per Act 598

Any person contracting with an agency for the purpose of developing bidding documents, request for proposals, or any other type of solicitation related to a specific procurement shall be prohibited from bidding, proposing, or otherwise competing for award of that procurement. Such persons are also prohibited from participating as subcontractors related to the award of that procurement.

Laws, Rules, & Regulations

Procurement Services operates under the authority of various Louisiana statutes, rules, regulations, and orders.

Small Entrepreneurship (Hudson Initiative) Program and Veteran and Service-Connected Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Entrepreneurship (Veteran Initiative)

The State of Louisiana Small Entrepreneurship Program, also known as the Hudson Initiative, promotes the active engagement of Louisiana-based small entrepreneurships (SEs) in state procurement and contracting opportunities.

The Louisiana Initiative for Veteran and Service-Connected Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Entrepreneurships, also known as the Veteran Initiative, provides additional opportunities for Louisiana-based veteran and service-connected disabled veteran-owned small entrepreneurships (VSEs and DVSEs) to participate in contracting and procurement with the State of Louisiana.

All eligible LSU vendors, currently-enrolled and prospective, are requested to seek SE, VSE, or DVSE certification through Louisiana Economic Development.

For qualification details and to apply online, visit http://doa.louisiana.gov/osp/se/se.htm

Vendor Enrollment

Vendors wishing to participate in the competitive process for LSU procurements must express their interest by self-enrolling in their desired Commodity Codes and State of Louisiana Regions in which they are willing and able to conduct responsible business.

To enroll online, complete and submit the LSU Vendor Enrollment Application form by clicking the e-PRO icon below.

click to enroll

Prior to getting started, we recommend that you review the following documents:

Important Enrollment and Disclaimer Information for LSU Vendors

Instructions for LSU Vendor Enrollment Application Form

If your company is located outside of the United States, and does not have a federal Taxpayer Identification Number (FEIN or SSN), you must submit a paper application to the Procurement Office.

Note: Enrolled vendors are viewed as possible sources; however, enrollment does not guarantee your automatic inclusion as a bidder for all applicable solicitations.

Manual Commodity Enrollment Instructions

If your company has received notice that you must submit a paper 'LSU Commodity Enrollment’ form in order to complete your e-PRO Vendor Application, please follow the instructions below.

1. Do not re-enroll online through e-PRO! This will create a duplicate vendor database record for your company.

2. Access the LSU Commodity Code Catalog. Review the A-Z commodity listings to determine and manually note those classes and subclasses of express interest to your company.

3. Access and complete the paper LSU Commodity Code Enrollment form by entering your desired commodity classes and subclasses. Please enter your LSU Vendor Number on the form if known.

4. Print and maintain a copy for your internal records and future reference, review and update needs.

5. Submit your completed paper commodity enrollment form to Procurement Services [fax 225-578-2292].

Our Vendor Support Team will update your existing e-PRO vendor record with your chosen commodity enrollments.


• Vendors must enroll at the commodity class-subclass level. Enrollment at the general 3-digit class level for inclusion in all associated subclasses is not allowed.

• Prior to getting started, review LSU Commodity Classification System for pertinent information about the general structure and numbering of the commodity index.

Electronic Access to Solicitations

Invitations to Bid (ITBs) and Requests for Proposal (RFPs), or public notices thereof, issued by LSU are electronically posted on the State of Louisiana LaPAC website administered by the Division of Administration, Office of State Purchasing.

LaPAC, the Louisiana Procurement and Contract Network, offers Vendors electronic access to solicitations issued by state agencies.Vendors enrolled in LaPAC will receive e-mail notification of LSU postings. All new vendors that wish to register must use the LaGov vendor enrollment portal and pay subscriptions fees to receive email notifications of bid opportunities effective April 1, 2014.

Visit State Purchasing for additional information at: http://wwwprd1.doa.louisiana.gov/OSP/LaPAC/pubMain.cfm or click the icon below for direct access to LSU's postings on LaPAC.


Keep Your Records Current

It is important to keep your vendor information current at all times.

Requests for changes to your application and enrollment information must be made in writing on Vendor letterhead, signed by a person of authority, and submitted to Procurement Services.

Vendors should print and maintain a permanent file copy of its LSU Vendor Enrollment Application form as originally submitted, for use as its internal record and reference for periodic reviews and subsequent requests for changes/updates.

Note: LSU assumes no liability for missed opportunities, delayed payments, etc, due to the Vendor’s failure to provide prompt written notification to Procurement Services of any changes.

Insurance and Indemnification Requirements

Before commencing work on University premises, the Contractor/Vendor shall obtain at its own cost and expense, and provide evidence of, Workers Compensation, Commercial General Liability, and Automobile Liability Insurance naming the Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College as an additional insured. See Insurance Requirements page for full details.

Indemnification Agreement Form: (Adobe Acrobat)

Parking on the LSU Campus - Permits and Gate Passes

Vendors and contractors needing access to reserved, gated "C" parking lots, or to controlled access streets in the center of campus, for logistics in performing business with LSU must apply for gate passes through the LSU Office of Parking, Traffic and Transportation (PTT). Visit the LSU/PTT website at www.lsu.edu/parking and the 'Permits' webpage for details.

Vendor requests are considered and granted by PTT, subject to an annual fee and qualifying criteria. Vendors not qualifying for gate passes may be granted general permits for outlying parking lots at no charge. All vendors are responsible for adhering to LSU Parking Rules and Regulations - see the PTT "Information" webpage.

Direct any questions to PTT at 225-578-5000, or visit their office located in the Public Safety Building on South Stadium Road.

Request for Credit Information

(Adobe Acrobat) (Microsoft Word)

Bidder's Checklist

Avoid common mistakes that may cause your bid to be rejected.

Public Record Requests

As a state agency our records and production thereof are not governed by the Freedom of Information Act. However, Louisiana law requires us to make available records for your examination and provide copies as requested. The procedure under the Public Records Act for reviewing the files of the Department is to contact the Department in writing or by telephone to set up a convenient time to look at the files.

See Public Record Requests page for full details.

Legal Recourses
Per LA R.S. 39§1551 - 1755

When to Protest:

  • With respect to a Solicitation -- in writing at least 2 days prior to the opening of bids.
  • With respect to the Award or Written intent to Award -- in writing within 14 days after contract award.

    See Legal Recourses page for full details.

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